Interactive, practical and chock-full of info, our zero waste workshops delve into the problem of waste and overconsumption and demonstrate simple changes that can be made to reduce waste in our everyday lives.  Participants leave feeling empowered to make a difference.

Fantastic for corporate team building - connect and have fun in a meaningful context.

Workshops typically run from 1 - 2 hours (shorter/longer durations are also possible).

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Earthsavvy Zero Waste Wrokshops



Some of the people we've had the pleasure of working with...





Feedback from previous workshops:

Your talk was totally on point last night. Quite a few ladies commented to me about the quality of your presentation. Nice one! And so glad to have met you.


Liz P.

Thanks for the great talk…I’m totally inspired to follow in your waste free footsteps.


Karen S.

I attended the Celebrate Waste-Wise Women event last Saturday and I was soooo inspired by you! I love learning about alternative ways of consuming that are more environmentally friendly and sustainable. I hope I get a chance to meet you in the future as I really want to learn more from you!


Mari G.

We loved it! Thank you!!! I headed over to Bulk barn today and scouted it out for my next shop.


Coralie A.

Thank you Kristy! You were so inspiring!


Anne R.

Thanks so much for joining us. Your talk was so inspiring to all of us and a simple message – we can all make small changes that make a big difference! 💚



On behalf of the Green Bay Community House, I would like to thank Kristy & her team for running this amazing workshop! We are so excited to see the positive response…and will be working towards offering more zero waste activities in the near future.


Anja T