Why Zero Waste?

Us Kiwis are a fortunate bunch.  We live in an isolated corner of the world with a small population...and, when you look at our glorious rolling hillsides and beautiful lakes and rivers, the issue of waste may not be immediately obvious.  But, take a closer look cos, Aotearoa, we have a problem.

This is how much waste we send to landfill each week in Auckland alone.

Recent research shows that New Zealand is, shamefully, the most wasteful nation (per capita) in the developed world.

And our disposable habit is going to bite us in the arse if we don’t do something about it, quick smart.

Globally, 8 million tonnes of plastic enter our oceans every year.  That’s like a rubbish truck every minute.  Every. Minute.  And this miracle material that we use so thoughtlessly is now in our food chain.  We’re eating the stuff.   

Our planet is facing a plastic pollution crisis.

We are plundering the earth, fuelling climate change and leaving a trail of waste behind for future generations to deal with. 

But, the good news...the really awesome news...is that we are the most intelligent species in the known universe.

And each of us has the power to help solve this problem.  Starting now.

So, troops...let’s hop to it.  Reusables at the ready.  Forward march.